A Beginner's Roadmap to Becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer

A Beginner’s Roadmap to Becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer

Becoming a full-stack web developer requires you to hide tons of skills. For beginners, it’s often tough to seek out the proper learning path and to realize the quick results. At first sight, it’d be overwhelming to know what you would like to find out and the way everything fits together at the top. This post will offer you a summary of technologies you’ll concede to learn for being a full-stack developer in 2019 and beyond. We’ll start to require a glance at the inspiration and programming languages then move forward to more advanced topics like frameworks and extra tools. This list will provide guidance to seek out your path through the online development jungle in 2019. Together with a brief description of the relevant topics, this post contains a link to great learning resources in order that you’ll start quickly to expand your skill-set. 


The best thanks to beginning your web development career is to urge excellent at HTML & CSS which is that the basis for everything else. 


The Hypertext terminology (HTML) is important for each website you’re implementing. By using HTL you’re defining and structuring the content of an internet site by employing a simple markup syntax. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) may be a simple way for adding styling to your websites (e.g. adding fonts, colors, layout etc). Having understood HTML you ought to definitely advance to CSS and confirm to know the fundamentals. HTML and CSS are two essentials every web developer must know. This was valid in 2018 and can even be valid in 2019 … 

Programming Languages 


Learning JavaScript from the bottom up is an important milestone in starting your web development career. For many frameworks, on the front-end (Angular, React, Vue.js) and on the back-end side (Node.js) the knowledge of JavaScript may be a prerequisite. The basics of the JavaScript language are easy to find out. However, because the ECMAScript specification evolves, more and more advanced features are added to the language like asynchronous functions, shared memory, and atomic operations. If you’re starting with JavaScript it’d be overwhelming to examine all those advanced JS concepts. Here you ought to specialize in the fundamentals first then advance to the more advanced concepts afterward. 


Python is one of the highest programming languages requested by companies in 2018 / 2019. If you haven’t added Python to your programming skillset yet it’s now the right time to start out learning. With Python, you’re ready to cover a good range of use cases. You can implement instruction scripts, GUI application, and web applications. Furthermore, the Python programing language is currently fueling scientific computing. If you’re learning Python for web development you ought to then take a glance at Python web programming frameworks like Django or Flask. 

Front-end Frameworks

However, before beginning to use a framework you ought to always attempt to gain a profound understanding of the underlying technology stack (e.g. JavaScript). This will assist you to find out a framework and understand the concept. First, let’s take a look at the most important front-end frameworks in web development:


Angular may be a framework for building client applications in HTML and JavaScript / TypeScript. The framework combines declarative templates, dependency injection, end to finish tooling, and integrated best practices to unravel development challenges. 


React makes it painless to create interactive UIs.

The framework is fully component-based.

Back-end Frameworks 

There are many options you’ll choose between when selecting a back-end framework for your web project. However, within the following, I’ll narrow it right down to two options, one for the JS world (Node.js) and one for the Python world (Django). As the name suggests, back-end frameworks are running on the back-end (on the server) and are generating HTML, JSON (etc.) for your website during a dynamic way counting on the URL your user visits. If you’re only developing on the front-end side of a project it’s not needed to feature a back-end framework to your skill-set. However, to realize a profound understanding of how everything is fitting together you ought to a minimum of concede to understand the very basics of a back-end framework. 


Node.js enables you to execute JavaScript code at the back-end and is extremely powerful especially if Node.js is employed alongside the Express middle-ware. In order to start out with Node.js, you ought to first confirm that you simply have a sound knowledge of the JavaScript programing language. This will make sure that you’ll understand the core concepts of Node quickly. 


Django is completely written in Python. If you like the elegance of the Python programming language you’ll like the Django. Django may be a powerful framework and serves you for a good range of use cases. However, if you’ve got gained a profound understanding of Python, Django is straightforward to find out and you’ll discover the pragmatic approach very quickly. If you’d wish to use Python and therefore the back-end side of your project you ought to not definitely take a glance at Django and begin learning it


Web development skills are in very high demand immediately and — if you’ve got not started yet  it’s the right time to start out learning web development right know.

Even if you’re already an experienced web developer you ought to invest a while to stay up with the latest technologies and frameworks.

This article should offer you guidance for your learning path and at an equivalent time is providing you with resources that helps you to urge started quickly.

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