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Best Oracle GoldenGate Training Institutes MNP Technologies in bangalore, provides real-time and placement oriented Oracle GoldenGate Training Programs in Bangalore. Are you interested in forging your career as a computer software engineer? Then you need the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to help you start your career and keep growing. There is an increasing demand for Oracle experts in the industry. Oracle Golden Gate is a software program that is used for real-time data integration, analysis, and replication. The increasing demand for Big Data related applications has increased the need for Oracle experts. If you have the right combination of expertise and experience in this computing language, then you will definitely be able to get a good job in one of the top MNCs. As a fresher you will wonder where you can get the experience to apply for the job. Most of the software companies look at the certification programs and projects that you have completed apart from your exam scores. So, you can improve your employability by completing a course in one of the famous Oracle GoldenGate Training Institutes in Bangalore.

MNP Technologies is one of the best Oracle GoldenGate Training Institutes in Bangalore that can help you achieve your dream. Operating from Marthahalli located in the outskirts of Bangalore city, we have a strong team of subject matter experts and real-time guidance to give you the best training that money can buy.

At MNP Technologies, we have the best resources in terms of trainers as well as facilities to give you excellent training. We are one of the top Oracle GoldenGate Training Institutes in Bangalore that offers 24/7 support for students. Apart from software training, we also offer corporate training for students who are attending interview for the first time. MNP Technologies has tie-ups with some of the top MNCs in the country. We offer placement assistance for students who have successfully completed the course training program. Take your professional success to the next level by getting a certification on Oracle GoldenGate. At MNP Technologies, we provide all the support and guidance you need to study this computing language.

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    Oracle GoldenGate Course Syllabus

    Chapter 1 
    • Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate 
    • Oracle GoldenGate supported processing methods and databases 
    • Overview of the Oracle GoldenGate architecture 
    • Overview of process types 
    • Overview of groups 
    • Overview of the Commit Sequence Number (CSN)
    Chapter 2
    • Installing Oracle GoldenGate 
    • Downloading Oracle GoldenGate
    • Setting ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID 
    • Specifying Oracle variables on UNIX and Linux systems
    • Specifying Oracle variables on Windows systems 
    • Setting library paths for dynamic builds on UNIX 
    • Preparing to install Oracle GoldenGate within a cluster 
    • Installing as the Oracle user 
    • Supported Oracle cluster storage 
    • Deciding where to install Oracle GoldenGate binaries and files in the cluster
    • Installing Oracle GoldenGate on Linux and UNIX 
    • Installing Oracle GoldenGate on Windows
    • Installing Oracle GoldenGate into a Windows Cluster
    • Installing the Oracle GoldenGate files
    • Specifying a custom Manager name 
    • Installing Manager as a Windows service
    • Integrating Oracle GoldenGate into a cluster
    • General requirements in a cluster 
    • Adding Oracle GoldenGate as a Windows cluster resource
    • Installing support for Oracle sequences
    Chapter 3
    • Configuring Manager and Network Communications
    • Overview of the Manager process
    • Assigning Manager a port for local communication 
    • Maintaining ports for remote connections through firewalls
    • Choosing an internet protocol
    • Recommended Manager parameters
    • Creating the Manager parameter file 
    • Starting Manager
    • Stopping Manager
    Chapter 4 
    • Getting started with the Oracle GoldenGate process interfaces
    • Using the GGSCI command line interface
    • Using UNIX batch and shell scripts
    • Using Oracle GoldenGate parameter files
    • Supported characters in object names
    • Specifying object names in Oracle GoldenGate input 
    Chapter 5
    • Using Oracle GoldenGate for live reporting
    • Overview of the reporting configuration
    • Considerations when choosing a reporting configuration
    • Creating a standard reporting configuration
    • Creating a reporting configuration with a data pump on the source system
    • Creating a reporting configuration with a data pump on an intermediary system 
    • Creating a cascading reporting configuration
    Chapter 6 
    • Using Oracle GoldenGate for realtime data distribution
    • Overview of the datadistribution configuration
    • Considerations for a datadistribution configuration
    • Creating a data distribution configuration
    Chapter 7 
    • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate for realtime data warehousing
    • Overview of the datawarehousing configuration
    • Considerations for a data warehousing configuration
    • Creating a data warehousing configuration
    Chapter 8
    • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate for activeactive high availability
    • Overview of an activeactive configuration
    • Considerations for an activeactive configuration
    • Preventing data looping
    • Creating an activeactive configuration
    • Managing conflicts
    • Handling conflicts with the Oracle GoldenGate CDR feature
    • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate CDR
    • CDR example : All conflict types with USEMAX, OVERWRITE, DISCARD
    Chapter 9 
    • Mapping and manipulating data
    • Limitations of support
    • Parameters that control mapping and data integration
    • Mapping between dissimilar databases
    • Deciding where data mapping and conversion will take place
    • Globalization considerations when mapping data
    • Mapping columns
    • Selecting rows
    • Retrieving before values
    • Selecting columns
    • Selecting and converting SQL operations
    • Using transaction history
    • Testing and transforming data
    • Using tokens 
    Chapter 10 
    • Handling Oracle GoldenGate processing errors
    • Overview of Oracle GoldenGate error handling
    • Handling Extract errors
    • Handling Replicat errors during DML operations
    • Handling Replicat errors during DDL operations
    • Handling TCP/IP errors
    • Maintaining updated error messages
    • Resolving Oracle GoldenGate errors
    Chapter 11 
    • Associating replicated data with metadata
    • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate to assume identical metadata
    • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate to assume dissimilar metadata
    • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate to use a combination of similar and dissimilar definitions
    • Chapter12 
    • Configuring online change synchronization
    • Overview of online change synchronization
    • Configuring change synchronization to satisfy a specific topology
    • Naming conventions for groups
    • Creating a Perl/Tk Application
    • GUI Programming Overview
    • Adding Widgets
    • Scrolled Widgets
    • Configuring Widgets
    • Menus
    • More Fun with Menus
    • Using FileSelect
    Perl/Tk Programming
    • Tk::Error and Tk::ErrorDialog
    • Configuring Widgets
    • Geometry Management
    • Geometry Management with grid()
    • The Frame Widget
    • Defining Widget Callbacks
    • Bindings
    • Nonblocking I/O with fileevent()
    • Tags
    • Other Widgets
    • Other Tk Commands
    • Getting Tk
    • Extending Perl with C/C++
    • Extending the Perl Interpreter
    • Overview of Perl5 XSUBs
    • Get Started with h2xs
    • Set up the Perl Wrapper Class
    • Write the XS Code
    • The XS File
    • Write Some Test Code
    • What Do You Want?
    • Returning Values on the Stack
    • A Walk Through an XSUB
    • Arguments to XSUBs
    • Other h2xs Options
    • Embedding the Perl Interpreter
    • Why Embed Perl?
    • Embedding Perl in a C Program
    • Compiling the Prog

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    Our Oracle GoldenGate Course Duration is
    • Approximately 40 Hrs, Interactive & Practical Training Sessions
    • Assignments & Projects will be Provided 
    Oracle GoldenGate Course is Suitable for
    • Windows administrators
    • Software developers
    • Unix system administrators
    • Database administrators
    • Solutions architects
    • Technical support executives
    • And anyone who is interested in Oracle GoldenGate.

    Both are great but are suited for different categories of people. So, those who are time- pressed, are employed, or are busy otherwise, can benefit from online training. It will save time, and trainees will be able to utilize their idle time by taking lessons. There are other benefits too. For instance, they don’t need to be physically present at their training Centre, which not just saves time but also money. This is also helpful when there is no training Centre nearby to enroll for classroom training. Having said that, classroom training has its own upsides too, which we all know of. So, go for whatever suits you best.

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