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RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Course

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Course Overview

RPA Training in Bangalore

MNP Technologies located in Marathahalli, Bangalore is a leading training institute providing real-time and placement oriented RPA Training Courses in Marathahalli. Our RPA training in Marathahalli includes basic to advanced levels. we have a team of certified trainers who are working professionals with hands-on real-time RPA projects knowledge which will provide you with an edge over other training institutes. You will be able to learn all the concepts completely which are included in Robotic Process Automation training in Marathahalli.
Our Robotic Process Automation training centre is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for providing you real-time training experience. We also provide certification training programs in RPA Training in Marathahalli.  We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our students in major MNC Companies, after successful completion of the course. We provide placement support for our students.
Our RPA Training in Marathahalli is not only limited to Robotic Process Automation Training, we have training which is included in RPA and which comes under RPA and they are:
Blue Prism Training in Marathahalli 
Automation Anywhere Training in Marathahalli
UI Path Training in Marathahalli
There are many advantages of taking RPA Training in Marathahalli with MNP Technologies but few characteristics are: It is a Code Free tool as any non-coder can also learn it very easily, understand it and start implementing it. It is also user-friendly wherein you need very less of IT skills to use it. 
There are many Benefits of Learning RPA Course in Bangalore like:
  • It has a Wide-Range Automation where it speeds up and executes perfect accuracy across different fields viz. banking, healthcare, insurance, telecom, communications, etc.
  • It will increase productivity across varied industries which increases the ROI much faster.
  • It is highly flexible and scalable with reduced time of induction.
  • It has a very Powerful Analytics which enable better management and insight.
  • It gives a drastic reduction in overall costs when compared to traditional non-RPA methods.
Our team of experts at MNP Technologies Training Institute, Bangalore have designed our RPA Training course content and syllabus based on students requirements to achieve everyone’s career goal.  Our RPA Training course fee is economical and tailor-made based on training requirement.
We Provide regular training classes(daytime classes), weekend training classes, and fast-track training classes for RPA Training in our centres located in Bangalore. We also provide Online Training Classes for RPA Training Course.
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    RPA Course Syllabus

    • Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation
    Process Studio
    • Running a Process
    • Basic Skills
    • Process Validation
    • Decision Stage
    • Calculation Stage
    • Data Items
    Process Flow
    • Circular Paths
    • Controlling Play
    • Set Next Stage
    • Breakpoints
    • Collections and Loops
    • Layers of Logic
    • Pages for Organisation
    Process Inputs and Outputs
    • Input Parameters
    • Stepping and Pages
    • Data Item Visibility
    • Data Types
    • Output Parameters
    • Start Up Parameters
    • Control Room
    • Process outputs
    Business Objects
    • Object Studio
    • Business Objects
    • Action Stage
    • Inputs and Outputs
    • The Process Layer
    Objects Studio
    • Creating a Business Object
    • Application Modeller
    • Spying Elements
    • Attributes
    • Attribute Selection
    • Launch
    • Wait
    • Timeouts
    • Terminate
    • Write
    • Press
    • Read .
    • Actions
    • Global Clicks and Keys
    • Undefined Collections
    • Data Item Exposure
    • Action Inputs and Outputs
    • Data Items as inputs
    Error Management
    • Exception Handling
    • Recover and Resume
    • Throwing Exceptions
    • Preserving the current exception
    • Exception Bubbling
    • Exception Blocks
    • Exception Handling in Practice
    Case Management
    • Work Queues .
    • Queue Items
    • Work Queue Configuration
    • Defer
    • Attempts
    • Pause and Resume
    • Filters
    • Reports
    • Environment Locking
    Additional Features
    • Collection Actions
    • Environment Variables and Session Variables
    • Choice Stage
    • Logging
    • Log Viewer
    • System Manager
    • Process Grouping
    • Export and Import
    • Release Manager – Packages and Releases
    • Different Examples and Case Studies

      Case Studies on Windows Application

    • Automating Web Application
    • Using OCR
    • Surface Automation Example
    1. UI Path Basic
    • Introduction to UI PAth
    • Activities
    • Variables
    • Data Types
    • Control Flow
    2. Automate EXCEL
    • Excel
    • Read Range, Write Range, Append Rang
    • Sort Table, Read Cell and Write Cell
    • For Each Row, Output Data Table, Get Row Item, Add Data Row
    • Build Data Table
    3. Data Manipulation
    • Scalar
    • Collections
    • Tables
    • GenericValue
    4. Automate User Interface
    • Recording
    • Basic Recording
    • Desktop Recording
    • Web Recording
    • Citrix Recording
    5. Advanced UI Automation
    • Input Methods -Default
    • Input Methods – Simulate Type/Click
    • Input Methods -Window Messages
    • Output methods – Full Text
    • Output methods – Native
    • Output methods – OCR
    • Selectors
    6. Automate Citrix Virtual Environment
    • Activities – Click Image
    • Activities – Click Text
    • Activities – Select & Copy
    • Activities – Scrape Relative
    7. Automate PDF
    • Read PDF Text
    • Read PDF with OCR
    • Get Text
    • Anchor Base activity
    8. Automate Email
    • Debugging and Exceptions
    • Properties Inspector
    • Output
    • Slow Step
    9. Project
    10. SAP Automation


    Introduction to automation Anywhere
    • 1. Why does IT market need RPA
    • 2. What is the Existing System or Utilities in IT INDUSTRY
    • 3. Goal of the RPA
    • 4. Where RPA suits in IT Industry
    • 5. Versions of Automation Anywhere since 2003
    Automation Anywhere Architecture
    Automation Anywhere Dashboard and Task Editor
    • 1. Client registration with Control Room
    • 2. Features of Task Editor
    • 3. Different sections in AA Tool
    Type of Bots
    • 1. Task Bots
    • 2. Meta Bots
    • 3. IQ Bots
    Task Bots and Recordings
    Recording Task
    • 1. Web Recorder
    • 2. Smart Recorder/Object Recorder
    • 3. Screen Recorder
    Task Creation
    Types of Automation
    • 1. UI layer or Regular Automation: Majorly tool Talks and suits web application
    • 2. Surface automation: Non-integrated windows/ERP/web applications
    • App Integration: The use of the command and when/where it fit and works
    • Active Directory
    • Citrix Automation
    • Clipboard
    • Database
    • Delay
    • Email Automation
    • Error-Handling
    • Excel and Excel Session
    • Files and Folders Handling Mechanism
    • IF condition
    Image recognization
    • Insert Key Strokes
    • Insert Mouse Click
    • Insert Mouse Move
    • Insert Mouse Scroll
    • Insert Mouse Scroll
    • Internet Connection
    • Launch Website
    • Log To File
    • Loop command
    • Manage Windows Controls
    • Message Box
    • OCR
    • Open Program/file
    • Objects Cloning
    • PDF integration
    • Reading Form Fields
    • PGP Command: Security types i.e. Passphrase, Public key mechanism
    • Printers
    • Prompt Mechanism
    • Read from CSV / Text: Different and benefit of this Command from Excel command
    • Run Scripts
    • Calling Scripts and Capturing output
    • Screen Capture
    • Send Mail
    • Services
    • String Operation
    • System command Features
    • Task Command
    • Run Task: Sub Task Calling and Mapping Variable
    • Terminal Automation
    • Variable Command
    • Wait Command and Different from Delay Command
    • Web Actions/Recording
    • Web Services
    • RESTL web services
    • SOAP Web services
    • Window Actions
    • XML
    Automation Anywhere Advanced Features of 10.X
    • 1.Meta Bot
    • 2.IQ Bot
    3.Web Control Room
    Automation Anywhere Control Room
    • 1.Upload/Download Task and Deploy Project
    • 2.Add Clients
    • 3.User Management
    • 4.Operations Room
    • 5.Repository
    Other Features
    • 1. Assisted Automation
    • 2. Auto Trigger Automation
    Event trigger
    Plug-In and Settings
    • 1. JAVA Settings
    • 2. IE Settings
    • 3. Flex/ Silver Light Settings

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Our RPA Trainers
    • Have more than 10 Years of experience in RPA Technologies
    • Has worked on multiple realtime RPA projects
    • Working in a top MNC company in Bangalore
    • Trained more than 2000+ Students so far.
    • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
    • Certified Professionals
    Our RPA Placement Team
    • Has Trained & Placed 2000+ Students
    • 92% percent Placement Record
    • 1000+ Interviews Organized
    Our RPA Training centers
    • Bangalore Center
    • Marathalli Center
    • White Field Center
    • K R Puram Center
    • BTM Center
    • Cunningham Road Center
    • J P Nagar Center
    • Kammanahalli Center
    • Ganga Nagar Center
    • Koramangala Center
    • Vijaya Nagar Center
    • Malleswaram Center
    • Ramamurthy Nagar Center
    • Indira Nagar Center
    • Jaya Nagar Center
    • Richmond Road Center
    • Rajaji Road Center
    • Mathikere Center
    RPA Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)
    • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)
    RPA Weekend Training Batch (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
    • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)
    RPA Fast Track batch
    • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)
    RPA Online batch
    • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)


    Our RPA Course Duration is
    • Approximately 40 Hrs, Interactive & Practical Training Sessions
    • Assignments & Projects will be Provided 
    RPA Course is Suitable for
    • Windows administrators
    • Software developers
    • Unix system administrators
    • Database administrators
    • Solutions architects
    • Technical support executives
    • And anyone who is interested in RPA.

    Both are great but are suited for different categories of people. So, those who are time- pressed, are employed, or are busy otherwise, can benefit from online training. It will save time, and trainees will be able to utilize their idle time by taking lessons. There are other benefits too. For instance, they don’t need to be physically present at their training Centre, which not just saves time but also money. This is also helpful when there is no training Centre nearby to enroll for classroom training. Having said that, classroom training has its own upsides too, which we all know of. So, go for whatever suits you best.

    • We have excellent trainers for RPA with rich experience in industry.
    • 100% student satisfaction rate in RPA training
    • More than 1000 students completed training in RPA
    • Excellent Lab facility for RPA Training
    • We have excellent rating till date, overall 4.9 Rating in Google & Facebook.